San Francisco and Sonoma

This year for the birthday, did a fantastic 2 week trip to San Francisco and Sonoma.  Lots of touristy stuff, lots of wine drinking, and lots of photos… Cameras were the GF1 and a Holga – this was my my first “real” outing with the GF1 and it absolutely lived up to my expectations.  Was able to carry the body with kit lens and 20/1.7 in the corner of my daybag with room for the rest of my assorted junk.  Never missed carrying the big SLR one bit!

3 thoughts on “San Francisco and Sonoma”

  1. Hi Ed,
    I just stumbled onto your blog and was immediately drawn to this post and didn’t even realize you shot it with the GF1. I just recently purchased an Olympus EP2 and feel the exact same way about it. I haven’t taken my 5d Mark II out since i brought it home.

    I particularly like the first 3 images on top, are those post processed in LR or Photoshop or does the GF1 do a art filters similar to the Olympus? Would love to know your trick there.

    Thanks for sharing i’ll be back for me.


  2. Thanks Argos!

    Cris – yeah, the GF1 is fantastic. My nikons have pretty much been relegated to studio work and weddings now 🙂

    All of those images were processed in lightroom only. I use lightroom for 99% of my processing, going into PS only for skin/beauty retouching or serious compositing. If I recall those were processed using a kind of “cross-process” preset, and then some tweaking of tone/color and dodging&burning to even out exposure. Most of my processing is pretty minimal, generally just color/tone+dodge&burn+sharpen.


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