olympus digital pen, e-p1, officially released!

And finally the true strength of the 4/3 system is realized…  Just in case there’s anyone who *hasn’t* heard about it yet (my RSS reader already had about 15 articles on it!) Olympus has finally announced their first MFT camera, the e-p1, in a unmistakable homage to the PEN series of old. To me, this is what the 4/3 system should have been from the beginning.  high-quality, interchangeable lenses, supercompact body.  To me, this is more of a “digital rangefinder” than the Leica M8 (dons flame-retardant suit and hides from the leica-o-philes).
check out the size comparison next to the e-420 *already* the smallest dSLR on the market. 

All the usual goodies are checked, HD video, 12mp (reasonable for 4/3 sensor – glad they didn’t push it), a multi-apect sensor (very cool! – it shoots 1×1! square love!), yadda yadda yadda…  The dual control wheel setup is unusual, but I could see myself liking it…

for the full rundown, check dpreviews hands-on preview. 

and some more sample photos over at PhotographyBlog.com

Honestly, it’s hard to overstate my excitement at this camera.  I’m not all that much of a “gearhead”, but when something like this comes along it’s just like “wow, that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted in a picture making tool”

4 thoughts on “olympus digital pen, e-p1, officially released!”

  1. Alas, the multiaspect sensor that the GH1 has is not found on this camera. It shoots native 3:4, any other aspect ratio is obtained by cropping, i.e. losing pixels. I think the GH1 sensor is a great idea and really hoped Olympus would include it in this camera.

    Expect it to appear in the E-P2 in order to drive sales via upgrade 🙂

    1. Doh… silly misleading spec sheet… listed multiple aspect ratios, I just assumed it was like the GH1

      oh well. Still awesome 🙂

  2. Please I need to find the olympus ep before tusday because I go back to Italy, I’m in Miami, can you help me with a place were I can go? Thank you so much

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