wireless tethering in a card? yes please

I’ve written about the Eye-Fi series of SD cards before.  Very cool concept, I really wanted to get one but they had just a few nagging issues that prevented them from being suitable for my needs.

Until now.

The newly announced Eye-Fi pro adds
RAW transfer and ad-hoc network connection capability – the two things that were conspicuously missing from earlier versions, and now Im thinking I may never buy another card again.   So for all practical purposes, this card provides a wireless tethering solution in a box – consider:  grab a laptop, set up an ad hoc network, connect the eye-fi.  Now every shot you snap on that camera is transferred to a folder on your laptop.   Set lightroom to “watch” that folder and bam – now as you shoot, images stream to you laptop and pop up in lightroom in real time.

This my friends, to use the parlance of the day, is EPIC WIN.

course it still has all the same functionality of the earlier eye-fi, as well as adding the capability to selectively upload shots instead of just shooting all of them up by default.  Very cool stuff.  Kudos to the eye-fi guys for listening to the community and coming back with a product that really seems to knock it out of the park!

One thought on “wireless tethering in a card? yes please”

  1. Oh wow, I sooo want one of these now, before when they used to upload directly to websites I just thought meh, now I’m drooling….

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