5 thoughts on “could this be the camera I’ve been dreaming of?”

  1. I’m way excited about the new Micro 4/3 line of cameras. I know a lot of people bag them but they are a great alternative. If you read Chase Jarvis he talked about this. He says to always have a camera with you. I personally don’t like to carry around my D90, D700 or my now dead S5Pro (a moment of silence please). I hate those little compact point and shoots that you can get at Costco for a hundred or so. The idea of a small camera with a handful of small interchangeable lenses would be awesome.

    Well. Have fun. Sorry I’m not the voice of opposition today.

  2. That, and the 17mm pancake lens and the 3/4 to M panasonic adapter for my leica lenses. yes please! and then I’ll buy the OM system adapter and will go lens hunting.

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