how to load 120 film in the holga

Seems like more and more folks are getting curious about film these days – whether it’s new photographers who started out on digital and want to see what the “old skool” is all about, or the old dogs who cut their teeth on tri-x and red safelights coming back to the fold.  I started out shooting 35mm film, then digital, and then medium format film.  I’m not embarassed to admit that when I started with MF the most daunting thing for me was how to load the darn stuff…  I figure there’s got to be a couple of newbies out there with the same question, so I made a quick video to illustrate the process using 120 film and a Holga (cheap, easy, generic).  Apologies for the atrocious production values this was basically me by the window with my G9.   I doan no nuttin bout this here videeo stuff  nohow…

One “gotcha” with MF film is that unlike 35mm, there is more than one way to load it.  Many MF camera systems have slightly different loading methods, but the basic idea is always the same – put in the uptake spool, thread the paper leader into it, wind until the “start” marker, then close it up and wind till frame 1.  easy as pie.  always remember to keep a finger on the film roll when loading or unloading to keep it from unspooling and ruining your roll.  that’s basically all there is too it -  happy MFing!

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  1. That was great, thanks mate. I’ve just got a hOlga and felt like I was winding the film in far too long but it seems I was just nervous as I hadn’t even reached the starting arrow! Cheers

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