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I’ve been watching Zack Arias’ series of critiques over at, and even though he didn’t critique my site directly, I took a lot of the general points he made to heart.  Specifically he commented a lot on the need to convey a focused vision through your portfolio.  It made me start thinking about my own port, and what I was trying to say with it.  After some brainstorming and feedback I basically tore down everything and decided to redo my portfolios from scratch.  Less of “my own work that I like” and more of “who I am as a photographer”.   I broke down my work into my commercial/editorial work – separated by “environmental” work and “studio” work, and put all my personal work into it’s own section.  I like the “flow” of the portfolio much better now – it still needs some tweaks but, overall I’m happy.   I’m still deciding whether to put in a separate section just for tearsheets, or incorporate those into the regular galleries.(   I also am thinking of doing one of those videos of my physical book (all the cool kids are doing it…)

I’d love to hear some feedback on the new ports -love em? hate em? don’t care either way?  Click on over and let me know what you think…

3 thoughts on “new portfolios”

  1. Following your lead on the Arias cleaning binge (haha), I’m not sure if I like that both environmental and studio go from people and abruptly to still life. Have you tried a people/portrait/human/breathing/etc gallery alongside a still life gallery?

    Your still life is great, but the work with people is better, so by the time I get through the people I’m not as impressed with the still life.

    I like the flow in general, just not that change. Ideas?

    1. Thanks Tanya,
      That’s actually something I’ve been going back and forth on myself. I originally had “non-people” shots in their own category, but it didn’t really seem to be anything cohesive… I wonder about cutting the non-people shots a bit more and spreading them out a bit rather than chunking them at the end… I know some photographers do this to great effect (Chase Jarvis for example has people/non-people shots mixed in his galleries and it totally works)… I guess I just have to find the right flow for my own work. Sometimes it can be maddeningly frustrating, no? 🙂

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