And the winner is…

Bryantsphotography for his “Sunset Bride” image.

Sunset Bride

I really like this image on a few levels – one, the lighting.  This was the “Exciting Lighting” contest so obviously use of lighting was a big part of the criteria.  Bryant has done it very well – creating dramatic, yet not “over the top” light, well balanced with the ambient.  The backlighting makes the veil “pop” and prevents the dark shadows that would have otherwise crept in the back of the dress/train.  The shadows are subtle and non-invasive, in fact they even work with the scene overall – creating the “pool” of light that surrounds the bride.

Secondly the composition.   Bryant has made good use of the classic rule of thirds, – I also really like the strong diagonals in the composition:


(sorry for the hack job!)

The colors are saturated and dramatic, but not the “hyperreal-neon-glowing” colors we see far too often (besides, it’s a wedding shot, it’s allowed to be a bit “poppy” in the color).  still, skin tone looks good (at least on my monitor) and the splash of red from the bouquet is a nice touch.

The pose is great, and the whole scene just exudes a sense of exuberance and joy.   I’m sure this was posed, but it looks like a great moment anyway.

Anyway, congrats to Bryant – well done, and enjoy the free registration to the Digital WakeUp Call tour!

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