Panasonic intros new G1 (GH1) and lenses

As pretty much everyone was expecting, panasonic released the “MKII” version of thier ground breaking G1 at PMA, calling it the GH1 (the H presumably being for “HD video”).  frontBasically the same as the G1, the GH1 adds video capabilities, along with (surprisingly) a new sensor, which can be optimized for various aspect ratios, ala the LX3 -cool!

The real excitement though is the new lenses – a 14-150 (28-200 mm equiv.) superzoom and a 7-14 (14-28mm equiv.) ultrawide.    The 14-150 is supposed to be optimized for video as well.

I dunno about you, but to me the GH1 with the 14-150 and upcoming 20/1.7 lenses might just be the ultimate “travel/carryaround” camera setup.  (unless Pentax does in fact announce an EVIL that can use their pancake primes. )

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