recent work – Elaine on white.

From this past week’s shoot with Elaine for a local fashion designer (Nicole Haddad)

I wanted a lighting scheme that would show off the clothes and textures in the fabric (so nothing too contrasty/dramatic) but at the same time give some visual interest and not be too “flat”

I decided to go with 2 small/medium softboxes (actually a 46″ softlighter and a 28″ westcott) almost from the sides, just a bit in front.  This gave me nice wrapping side light to bring out the textures in the folds of the cloth.   A 3rd strobe in a bounced brolly from the right rear provided some rim light (just a touch) while the final strobe from the left lit the background.  I like to call this my “wall o’ light”

The setup:


And some of the results:



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