Moo business cards – a short review

Moo business cards

I’ve been a fan of’s “mini-cards” for a while. I feel that as a photographer, why would you limit yourself to a single photo on your business card, when you could have 5 or 10 or even 50 different designs… The problem with the mini cards is that they were kind of awkward, being a non-standard size and all. They didn’t fit well in a wallet/business card holder and tended to get lost in a bag etc…

So when I heard that Moo now has normal sized cards, I was quite excited and ordered a batch immediately. I just received my first order, and I’m impressed. The colors are excellent, a tiny bit dark, but still quite good. Image quality is excellent too (although how hard can it be when your print is 2″x3″! 🙂 The cardstock is the same as the mini cards, it’s a very satiny matte surface, almost plastic-y (in a good way) and the stock is very heavy. The card really has a substantial presence in the hand which I like – obviously not a flimsy “print it yourself” dealy… The cards also came with a nice little slipcase that holds 50 cards, with little dividers to separate your cards from other’s cards that you get – a nice touch, it will be easy to throw in the camera bag!

All in all I’m very impressed with the quality of the cards. The ordering interface was very straightforward (upload images, drag around to crop to size, layout the text on the back either with a premade template or upload your own, and done). They are a bit more expensive than your normal run of the mill cards (about 80 bucks with shipping for 200 cards) but I think it’s worth it, as I’ve always gotten a favorable response when presenting them – people like to look through them and pick one, instead of just handing them a generic card. It’s also a little mini-opportunity to show off some of your work, which is always good!

4 thoughts on “Moo business cards – a short review”

  1. Thanks for posting your images, I’m still on the fence about the mini cards vs. this standard size. I’m going to order a small batch – I really need to feel that stock.

  2. I held off on ordering the old ones both for the size and originally for not being able to customize the back, but these demand a second look. Now, the effort of picking out 50 of my best pictures is another issue altogether…

  3. I’ve been telling friends this, so when I see reviews of Moo, I can’t resist: DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I had a absolute b*tch of a time dealing with them. Terrible customer service from the higher-ups and bad quality stuff. Go elsewhere.

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