The internet is awesome.

So I’m a Chase Jarvis Fanboy.  It’s true- the guy is like my photographic idol, not just for his photography per-se, but for his business acumen, his industry savvy, and the way he has managed to really build himself into a “brand”.  I think he is really doing great things for the contemporary photography industry as a whole, and driving some really great initiatives…

But to the point…

I was perusing the strobist flickr group, as is my wont – and I came across this post wondering how Chase managed to balance his strobe/ambient in creating some of the “frozen action” shots in his latest video.  After a couple of replies, who replies but the man himself, explaining exactly how the effects were achieved!

Honestly, how cool is that?  Sure, it may seem like a little thing, but the fact that you can basically have an open ended conversation, ask a question, and have it answered directly by the likes of CJ is just super cool.  Just went I start to get disillusioned by the endless flamewars and disinformation spread on internet forums, something like that comes along and reminds me of how the web can really bring people together to socialize and share knowledge in a way that would have been impossible less than 20 years ago…

Of course it also just points to how cool Chase is to hang out on forums and answer folks questions 🙂  I decided to make sure that when I am that high-profile I will never become haughty or aloof and always be available to help folks out.  That’s what makes our industry great.

3 thoughts on “The internet is awesome.”

  1. Thanks for the kind note, Ed. I’m doing what I can to help the industry and keep things interesting. I’m equally inspired by your willingness to share your opinion. That takes courage and counts for a lot. Be well.

  2. Chase Jarvis Fan Boy +1

    I started following Chase late 2006 after David H talked about him on his blog, the Strobist.

    Just last night I watch the video he post with David Hobby (Strobist), David Nightingale (Chromasia) and himself at Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai, UAE.

    It is because of photographers like these three, that I love what I do so much.


    PS, Love your site and follow it by RSS.

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