From Miami Beach

Had a wonderful vacation, some well needed downtime/R&R.  Lots of beach/eating/sleeping and not much else 🙂  Not a lot of photography either, but a few interesting shots.  First were the *enormous* iguanas that were roaming the pool area by my family’s condo.  Seriously these things were huge… just kind of strolling around like they owned the place

A quick shot from the balcony of the hotel we went to for the evening of the 4th…

(this was shot at iso3200… I am absolutely floored by how clean and detailed the 5d is at 3200.  it is light years ahead of any crop-sensor camera I have used)

Finally one evening we had a spectacular lightning storm… the view over the ocean and the bay was fantastic as we watched the lighting move across into downtown Miami

(yes the second one is a bit blurry as I didn’t have a tripod, but the bolt was so cool it was hard to pass up)

Finally a few random snaps from here and there (along with the above, couldn’t figure out how to separate them out!)

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