2007 in recap…

with the new year upon us, a new folder begins in lightroom.  (I arrange my images primarily by date, hierarchically – exceptions are for images of my paintings, and special projects/scanned images)

According to lightroom, I have 4322 images from 2007.  I know this is not a lot for some, but I do cull my images fairly aggressively.  Even so, looking through a years worth of pictures I can say I really only have probably 30-40 (or less depending on how picky I am being)”good” pictures (good meaning something I would make a large print of or show as an example of my work) 

And actually I’m quite happy about this.  For one thing it means that I am becoming more critical of my own work, which motivates me to do better work. 
Also, a 1/100 “good” shot ratio is not that bad when you consider that probably at least 60% of those 4000 photos are family event/party/social snapshots – never intended to be “artistic”, simply recording memories. 

Right now I am compiling a “top 10” of 07.  My 10 “best” images from the year.  I’ll round them up, analyze them, and try and learn from them.  Why did they work, and how can I build upon them to do even better in ’08. 

Stay tuned!

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