next time someone asks you to work for free, show them this

Funny, but painfully true.   Especially at the end “why don’t you show us what you did so we can do it in house next time”


4 thoughts on “next time someone asks you to work for free, show them this”

  1. Funny stuff.

    I find it funny that anywhere outside the western world this is pretty normal stuff. It’s very typical to negotiate. I’ve lived in Brazil for a short time doing some work and stuff I would never think of negotiating for here, I do there.

    Oh well, still funny.

  2. It took me a while to get around to watching the video since you posted it, but it was worth it! People just don’t understand that they’re paying for expertise and creativity, *especially* in photography.

    I recently shot a small wedding for some friends, absolutely free and happy to do it. A few weeks later I was chatting to the groom and he told me, quite astonished, that he’d been looking on the web for wedding photographers and some of them charged $1,000. I said “that’s cheap! A good photographer should cost at least $3,000.” After that I think he appreciated what I’d done for him a little bit more.

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