I love it when a shot comes together…

Last week Shari DeAngelo and I got together with model extraordinaire Maureen Haley for a faux “bridal shoot” for some portfolio building. The shoot was great, and when we finished up on location we went back to my studio to recoup/start packing up… we were supposed to finish around 6:30, and it was almost 9pm at this point. Now I had this idea kicking around in my head for a while… The first floor landing of the exit stairs in my building has this great grungy look – crumbling brick, peeling paint – the whole 9 yards. I had this vision of just tons of light streaming out the cracked door, and a model peering around, maybe a little curious or a little scared at what might be on the other side… kind of an “Alice in Wonderland meets Poltergeist” kinda vibe.

Of course Maureen, being the champ she is, was up for it!  Luckily I had tried out a few lighting setups a while ago when I first had the idea, so I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to light it – I need one big light for behind the door to make the light pouring out, then a 2nd snooted light to illuminate the face , and a 3rd for just a touch of foreground light (the cast shadows were an extra benefit).

We got everything set up and started shooting. Of course about 20 frames into the shot I realized I had flipped my camera into MF mode, and they were all out of focus (it was too dark to tell through the VF but I was wondering why my focus confirmation points weren’t lighting up). Luckily I realized early enough and was able to get a couple of good frames. Of course, about 3 frames after getting the shot the Vagabond powering the AB800 behind the door gave up the ghost!

Some processing in lightroom and the final result was just as I pictured it. Like I said, I love it when it all just comes together in the end 🙂 (link goes to larger image on flickr)

The Other Side...

One thought on “I love it when a shot comes together…”

  1. dont you just love it when a plan comes together!
    ive had a couple of instances similar myself…i always see things that make me think “hmmm i could work with that” and a few times ive made them reality and it feels great!
    theres nothing better than dreaming something up in your head and watching it form infront of your eyes 🙂
    stunning image too
    well done

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