Another analysis of the micro four thirds standard…

Dave Etchells over at the Imaging Resource has a great analysis on the micro four thirds standard:

I pretty much agree with his analysis, unfortunately even with the contrast-af part (boo).  Hopefully though, Oly/Panasonic will realize the market for a higher end “EVIL” camera will demand a phase-detection AF system and build one in somehow. (crosses fingers)

Regardless, I’m still looking forward to seeing what they actually come up with on this standard.  The sensor technology is already there, we know oly does great optics – the only potential dealbreaker for me would be usability (mainly the af issue).  I dont even mind an exclusively electronic VF as long as the AF is responsive and there is no shutter lag.  If they can surmount those two obstacles I think they will have a winning technology

2 thoughts on “Another analysis of the micro four thirds standard…”

  1. You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head regarding the two most important specs of microFT. So far all the ‘serious compacts’ have been disappointing in one way or another. Perhaps oly and pana will come up with the goods and satisfy the growing number of people (from families and females to DSLR enthuiasts and rangefinder nostalgics) who want quality in a small package.

  2. The best current contrast-detect AF systems seem to be reasonably good, but certainly problematic in an interchangeable-lens camera with bigger (more massive) optics.

    I would expect that the Olympus/Panasonic engineers would have spotted this problem right away and started to develop a solution. But is the solution ready yet? At some point certainly there will be a solution, if not phase-detection then something else.

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