Losing weight with… a camera?

great news everyone! throw out the scales, cancel the gym membership, and get that tub of ice cream out of the freezer! No longer do you need to slave away to attain that perfect physique and trim waistline!why?

because now your *CAMERA* will take the weight off for you.



Ok folks. raise your hand if you are sick of the rediculous “features” being crammed into pocket cameras, while eschewing things like “image quality” “manual controls” and “good glass”.
I mean I understand the whole “user friendliness” thing to an extent. Plenty (if not most) folks buying a P&S probably couldnt care less about aperture priority, fast glass, manual focusing controls, etc… but I mean really – who is designing these things

(I know, I know – marketing focus groups)

can’t we get an actual photographer into the R&D dept of some of these companies?

I mean, I am constantly seeing the laments among pros and pro-am photographers wondering why it seems to be impossible to put a real sensor and decent glass into a small-format camera. I know the engineering is somewhat more difficult, but it’s not *that* hard.

There seems to be demand for it. Most folks I know would gladly pay between 500-1000 for something like this.

The Sigma DP1 has everyone salivating, but at this point it is still mostly vaporware.

So why? Why can’t we have a camera with a good sensor, decent fast lens, manual controls and NO STUPID SCENE MODES/FACE RECOGNITION/IN CAMERA SLIMMING?

To answer, it’s because the bean counters aren’t convinced it will be profitable. Somehow we must convince them.

unless we do, the silly “features will keep coming” and the quality of the cameras will keep declining.

I predict – the next generation of P&S will have a “vacation” feature, where you don’t even have to go anywhere – you just press the shutter and it superimposes your photo onto a pre-set “scenic” background.

soon there will be no need to actually take a picture.  you will just click the button on the camera and it will simply create an image of you out of thin air, based on what you would “want” to see.

ok maybe I exaggerate, but “in camera slimming” is still kind of silly.

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